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The product range is quite narrow, with a very focused target client group. If you are a fibre-holic knitter, you've come to the right place!!

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We have three main groups of products, and we will give you a little more information on how the catalog is organized below. You don't have to register if all you are intending on doing today is browsing, and you can always register later if you change your mind. But if you want to shop, we will need you to provide a little more information about yourself through the registration process. The information you provide is securely password-protected, so only you and Shelridge Farm have access to it. Next time you shop, simply sign in using your password, and you won't have to register all over again. You can update your information whenever you need to, and you can also obtain information on all of your past purchases. If for any reason you want us to purge your registration information from our files, just send us an email with your request and we will do so immediately. A link to our full Privacy Policy is in the lower left of Woolsite pages if you want more information on this topic.

If at any time you want to Register with us to start an Account (if you have not done so in the past), or Login using the password that you established if you registered with us previously, we have a menu box on the right side of the Woolsite that will allow you to do this. Once logged in, this menu box will change to allow you to access and edit your Account Details, view your Past Orders, or to Logout.

NOTE: If you visited our Woolsite in the past (pre-2008), you will notice that the site has changed considerably. This current site went live in early February 2008, and so if you registered with us on the old site prior to this date, you will need to register once again. Your account information has not been carried over from the old site to the new one.

The Products

Soft Touch Yarns

The starting point for our products is our Soft Touch yarns. We have these spun to our specifications at a few mills in Canada and the U.S., and utilize medium fine to very fine fibre depending upon the type of yarn we are producing. Generally however, we focus on producing yarns that are soft to handle yet strong. Most of our yarns utilize a worsted carding/spinning process to improve stitch definition, softness and strength, but continue to have a few of the loftier woolen spun lines. We use Superwash (machine-washable) fibre in some lines, but also use conventional fibre (handwash only) in a few of the more traditional yarns.

These yarns including their colour ranges are described more fully in their separate product listing sections, but briefly they are as follows:

  • Soft Touch W4 - 100 % wool, 4-ply, worsted spun, light worsted weight, machine-washable yarn available in Natural White and a range of skein-dyed solid colours.

  • Soft Touch DKW - 100% wool, 4-ply, worsted spun, DK weight, machine-washable yarn available in Natural White and a range of skein-dyed solid colours.

  • Soft Touch W/C - 85% wool/15% cotton, 2-ply, woolen spun, DK weight, gentle hand-wash yarn available in Natural White and a range of skein-dyed solid colours

  • Soft Touch DK Naturals - 100% wool, 2-ply, woolen spun, DK weight, gentle hand-wash yarn available in non-dyed Natural Dark Brown and Natural Tweed colours

  • Soft Touch Ultra - 100 % wool, 3-ply, worsted spun, fingering weight, machine-washable yarn available in Natural White, a wide range of skein-dyed solid colours, as well as a number of standard (repeatable) and unique handpainted colourways.

  • Soft Touch Heather - 85% wool/15% nylon, 3-ply, worsted spun, fingering weight, machine-washable yarn available in 9 heather tone fibre-dyed colours.

  • Soft Touch Lace - 100% wool, 2-ply lace weight, gentle hand-wash yarn available in Natural White and several skein-dyed colours.

Our Heather yarns are spun from various colours of dyed fibre, which gives them their "heathery" tones. All of our other yarns are hand-dyed in the skein in relatively small batches. While we take painstaking care to keep our processes consistent, there will always be some variation between skeins of the same dyelot, and occasionally within the same skein. Most of our customers feel that this provides the "character" that is missing from more commercially dyed yarns where typically the loose fibre is dyed in large batches, and any variation can be taken out in the carding and spinning processes. This character (for good or for bad) will be most noticeable in single colour knitting projects. If this variation is of concern, you may want to talk to us about whether our yarns will work for the project that you have in mind. There are colours that you could use where the variation will be minimized. There are also knitting methods such as alternating skeins throughout a project that can minimize the colour variation. But if your project has little or no tolerance for colour variation, you may want to consider other yarns.

Knitting Kits

We work closely with a small group of Designers, who have used our Soft Touch yarns to create specialized designs that we put together as custom knitting kits. After the designer has knit the initial prototype, we test knit it again to ensure that the directions are clear, and to determine the amount of each colour of yarn that is needed in the kit. This helps keep the cost down in some of the kits where we can custom wind each of these skeins to the kit requirements. We try to put in about 10% extra of each colour, but if you should ever run short, we will send the required amount free of charge. The kits are designed in one or more colourways, but if you are creative and would like to have one made up in a different combination of colours, just contact us and request it. The Knitting Kits are organized according to garment type (Cardigans, Sweaters, Vests and Shawls, etc.).

Custom Patterns

We also carry a number of custom patterns developed by some designer friends. Most of these patterns work well with our yarns, and so you can order both the pattern and the yarn to put together your own "kit". There are also some patterns for other styles of yarns. As with the Knitting Kits, the Custom Patterns are organized according to garment type.

Placing an Order

To simplify your shopping, we have developed a fully secure, automated shopping cart that can use either Canadian or U.S. currencies. If you are uncomfortable with the cart, we also have an Order Form that you can fill out and submit either by FAX or postal (snail) mail. But if all of else fails, or if you simply don't want the regimentation of Shopping Carts and Order Forms, feel free to give us a call or an email, and tell us what you would like to purchase. We ship by mail, and can accept payment by cheque or credit card, again in Canadian or U.S. currencies. For more detailed information on ordering methods and procedures, visit the Ordering section of the Woolsite.

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